@RARSFest March 31st: Arduino Resistive Touchscreens

Attending the March 31st Raleigh Hamfest ? Look for these Arduino shields featuring a 2.8″ resistive touch screen, 240×320 pixel, 18 bit color TFT display, and micro SD card socket. They will be on the yellow table with the blue plastic cups with demo units doing amusing things.

Former stock of the Chapel Hill Radio Shack will be for sale for $20 each, including a free CD of Arduino software that can drive the displays, access SD cards plugged into the shield (SD card not included), and do things in response to screen touches.  Your imagination will go from there. The Seeed Studio 2.8″ touch screen displays are in their individual retail anti-static foam packaging and have been carefully stored. The graphic controller is the ILI9341 with SPI interface.

This message brought to you by the shameless commerce division of SDevCS, LLC, a NC business facilitating embedded prototype development.