Monthly Meeting – Monday, October 9th 7-9pm

We’re meeting in Engineering Building I, Rm 1005 (same as last month)


  • Announcements
  • Problem of the Moth
  • LTspice (see details below)
  • Show-and-tell
  • General discussion, etc.

This month, Carl Nobile,  a software engineer at Cisco. will give an
introduction to LTspice, an electronic circuit simulator. Don’t know what that is? Here’s what the Linear Technology page says about it:

LTspice is a high performance SPICE simulator, schematic capture and waveform viewer with enhancements and models for easing the simulation of switching regulators. Our enhancements to SPICE have made simulating switching regulators extremely fast compared to normal SPICE simulators, allowing the user to view waveforms for most switching regulators in just a few minutes. Included in this download are LTspice, Macro Models for majority of Linear Technology’s switching regulators, over 200 op amp models, as well as resistors, transistors and MOSFET models.

Map. In addition to the parking building you can also park on Oval Drive.

Archive of past meetings.

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