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TriEmbed has a moderated GNU Mailman email list that is currently the main mechanism for discussion and timely exchange of information. There are approximately 300 subscribers to the list. If you’d like to be subscribed, visit the link below or just send a message to and to unsubscribe just follow the instructions at the bottom of any list message.

By “moderated” we mean subscription requests, message posting requests by non-subscribers, and attempts to post messages greater than the size limit (currently 250kB) are held for moderation, which is currently handled in less than a day in most cases. Since creation in 2013 the list has been free of SPAM while also remaining totally open to candid discussion by subscribers.

The list info page can be used to subscribe and change your subscription settings. Linked from that page is the public list archive allowing all past messages to be browsed by date, subject, or author. The archive is also searchable thanks to the search page at

Subscribers by default get a copy of each email msg sent to the list. This can be switched to a daily digest format, email can be switched off/on, only one of multiple email addresses corresponding to the same individual can receive list mail, etc. Just visit the list info page and log in to adjust settings. Monthly reminders are disabled: visit this page for instructions for a forgotten password.  Nontrivial passwords are important to subscriber’s reputations.

NOTE WELL that this list uses “old school” (pre-Arpanet, let alone pre-Internet) reply semantics:  a plain “reply” to a list message goes to the poster (author) of that message ONLY. To reply to the entire list use “reply all”, “reply list” or the equivalent in your mail reader and notice that the list address ( is included in a “to” or “cc” header if you’re not sure of what a “send” is going to do.  The intent of this is to avoid the list containing a lot of “I just had mayo on my ham sandwich” messages going to the entire list instead of the one individual who posted an earlier message suggesting that he/she might care what you had on your sandwich. That said, nobody should get worried or upset when msgs go to “everybody” when they weren’t intended to.  And apologies in advance for the pain and suffering caused by the need to resend or forward a message to get it to the whole list when this (less and less common) default is forgotten.

There are bread crumbs to info about the list at the bottom of every list message.

2 thoughts on “Email List”

  1. Hello Chip,

    Found your page in MediaTek’s forum.
    I am new to arduino programming and your Basic Temperature Logger code was VERY helpful.
    I started to build my own LinkIt project around your code, everything seems much easier now.

    Thank you very much

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