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I’m a self-employed consultant focusing on embedded development. Before that I had a long string of jobs as a software developer making OEM manufacturer’s system software such as language tool chains  (Data General, Encore Computer, Sun Microsystems) and standalone data communication systems (Business Application Systems, Network Products). My last meaningful project at Sun was software architecture  cat  herder, attempting  to add a process abstraction to the Java specification.

In the 80s I wrote most of the OS and all the POST and production-related hardware diagnostics  and production technician’s  “board bring-up” code for the initial set of datacomm products made by Network Products Corporation in RTP (sold to Penril that was sold to Bay Networks that was sold to Nortel).  These were stand alone embedded systems and were the most fun things I worked on, so I’m effectively looping back to that area using modern tools and processes.

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  1. Hi Peter,
    I found your article “Remote access to a Rigol DM3068 DMM”, and this is implements exactly what I want to do. I want to set up a Linux machine that connects to the DM3068 and log data to a file for a period of time. A python script to do this is perfect!

    You mention in the article that you plan to publish the code some time in the future. Is it possible this time will be very soon? I don’t mind if the code is not fully complete or debugged, the alternative is for me to start completely from scratch.

    thank you

  2. I, too, found one of your articles, “REMOTE ACCESS TO A TEKPOWER TP9605BT DMM.” I have the same thoughts / requests as Fredrik did. I also have a son who programs Python and might be able to help both of us finish it up if it isn’t yet.

    I will appreciate your reply. Thank you.

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