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Cary/Crossroads Radioshack just another crummy example now

In an apparent about face the Cary Crossroads Radioshack is now missing almost all the stuff that had kept it a huge exception to the rule up to this point. The repair shop is gone, the wall of Littlebits is gone, everything to do with soldering except a few temp controlled irons is gone, all the plastic boxes, perf boards, and other stuff to do with building things is gone, and the wad of Arduino-related stuff is gone except for a few lonely Arduino boards and a shield or two on the near end of the back. Much quizzing of the staff suggests their supply chain is now a hypothetical construct. Quoting Porky Pig, “That’s all, folks!”


T-962 Reflow Oven Vent Setup and Editorial



This house used to have a wood stove in the basement and for years I’ve been using the vent to get coax to the roof-mounted TV antennas, but now it’s got a serious 240v fan jammed in it for a fully kludgephonic reflow oven vent.

Now I just need to find or make a fume hood that can properly handle the huge exhaust flow out the bottom of the oven when it’s in “cooling” mode. Whatever I end up with will be fully enclosed (maybe a plastic “flap” or door on the front) except for an inlet air arrangement that I haven’t thought through yet. Maybe holes in the table top below the oven and yet another vent hose that comes from “someplace” where I can get air so there’s little chance of fumes coming out that hose?

Please don’t leave a comment about masking tape inside the oven. It isn’t “tape fumes” I’m arranging to avoid.