Test Equipment for a Local Area Network of Things

This project is to get my test equipment accessible to my shop local area network, either directly with the instruments supporting ethernet, or via simple USB to network bridges. The project involves a lot of custom software to make up for various gaps or OS impedance match problems.

I’ll add to this list as I go along, but I’ll start with equipment I’ve been using for a year and a few weeks respectively. None of the software is ready for prime time, and there are caveats sprinkled here and there. Be careful.

  • Rigol DM3068 bench meter.
  • Tekpower TP9605BT 3 3/4 digit hand held DMM. DO NOT BUY THIS DMM. The auto-shutoff doesn’t. Coupled with the extremely high current draw it will make you want to have a crate of nine volt batteries handy. This piece is pure commiseration.
  • Siglent SDP3303S two variable, one fixed output power supply.  No project sub-page yet. DO NOT BUY THIS POWER SUPPLY.  But if you’ve already got one, this GitHub repo might be of use.

Here are other items in the queue for the future. If anybody has direct experience with open high level language code on a non-Windows system talking to one of these instruments I’d love to hear about it.

  • Rigol MSO2072A mixed signal oscilloscope
  • Siglent SDG1050 arbitrary function generator
  • HP5334A universal counter. If only I could find a Linux/Python  or C/C++ driver for an Agilent 82357A that gives any signs of working! Chasing myself in circles with this one.
  • UNI-T UT61E DMM (I know about sigrok)
  • Radioshack 22-805 DMM (ditto)
  • Maynu M9711 electronic load

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