January 2018 Solenoid Valve

What to do with this?


This is a 12v DC solenoid actuated valve.  Available here
They are surplus from coffee machines for controlling water.

I purchased 20 of these from American Science and Surplus for my Liquid Emitting Display project.  I have a few left.  What cool things can we do with the leftovers?


Use it to build a pic-n-place tool.  The valve can control the vacuum pickup.

Use them to make a fountain (Mini version of Bellagio).  Add a strobe light for added pizazz.

Control air to noise makers (like a pipe organ).

Control depth of water in water glass instrument.

Pneumatic control of frets on a stringed instrument.

Grid of valves blowing air upward for steering Ping-Pong ball.

Control multiple air brushes on a moving gantry to make a giant inkjet printer.

Control supply of various liquids for making drinks or snow-cone flavors or …

Control supply of volatile compounds to make a “smell-o-vision” device.


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