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Meeting at NCSU/Engineering building THREE this Monday

This Monday the 12th at 7pm there will be the first meeting of the new year. We’re returning to a totally casual format this time, but if you have something worth sharing via video recording please send a note to the mailing list. Bring your physical and virtual show and tell items and any announcements, comments or questions that feel right.

For January and February the meetings will be in EBIII on the opposite side of the engineering campus from the parking and past meeting locations. Be sure to look at the meeting details page here to orient yourself. There will be signs on some of the doors of the other buildings but the local teleportation devices are down for software upgrades, so expect a good hike in any event.


December 8 Meeting Presentations Available

Craig Cook recorded the most recent TriEmbed meeting’s presentations about C Preprocessing with the Arduino IDE, custom tools for laser-cut acrylic enclosures, getting results from the T962/T962A reflow ovens, and a tool being developed to allow easy bicycle wheel truing.

After being crunched through Handbrake they’ve been put on Youtube. Details of these and past meeting archives are on the TriEmbed Meetings/Archives page.


(By the way: smart phones don’t appear to render the menu bar of the TriEmbed web site’s main page, turning the whole thing into a set of three parallel lines near the upper right corner of the page. Clicking on that drops the nested menus for meeting, email, project info, etc, that is more obviously available with a desktop browser).

Short Talks this Monday

This Monday’s meeting will feature short (5-10 minute) talks/demos aimed at giving us ideas for future, in depth treatments as well as things to chat about during the latter portion of the meeting. If you have something you think would be interesting and can bring *the nub of it* to convey with 1-2 slides or demo gear and a few minutes, please expect to take part in this. If we can queue up/aggregate slide files or come up with other tricks to avoid the A/V equipment being a bottleneck that would be good. Send a line or two to the email list or comments here so the meeting details can be updated.