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Next Meeting October 12th, 7pm @ NCSU

Fluid modeling of resistance, current, potential, capacitance, and inductance by Ryan Shuster.

The last part of the meeting will be the usual open forum. Bring your show and tell items, problems needing help, etc.


Location, maps, and other details on the meeting page here.


June 8th Meeting: Lessons learned in an Embedded Systems Course

(Note room change to building 3 (extending through August). Details and maps)

The June  talk will be about what Craig Cook learned between January and May 2015 working on a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) – “Embedded Systems – Shape the world” provided via edX by lecturers from the University of Austin, Texas, Jonathan Valvano and Ramesh Yerraballi.

Craig Cook has been working in IT since the mid 90’s. Most of his career has been working as a Systems Administrator where computers have plenty of Memory and CPU power and they run an operating system.
Recently Craig became interested in small computers like the Raspberry Pi and Arduino. He wanted to learn more about them. After reading a post to Triembed about an upcoming edX course on embedded systems he decided it was time to jump in.

May 11th Meeting 7PM @ NCSU

This meeting will have a handful of short presentations,  the usual show and tell, face to face networking and hands-on project help. Maps and additional details here. Planned:

  • Switch de-bouncing (Paul MacDougal)
  • Gathering ideas for an “Embedded Software Engineering 101” course (Christopher Svec)
  • Trivially solving arbitrary resistor networks with multiple voltage sources using Thévenin’s Theorem (Pete Soper)
  • <your very short presentation goes here>

(Pete and Christopher might possibly be on the road or late getting back into town, so their talks are tentative)

Upcoming monthly TriEmbed meetings at NCSU

  •  The May 11th meeting is open to some short presentations, ideally relevant to the recent “learning curve” list discussion. So far there already planned is a short switch-debouncing tutorial by Paul MacDougal and (if his flight isn’t delayed) a very short how-to by Pete Soper for using Thévenin’s Theorem to  solve nasty resistor network/mixed voltage source problems like the one in the XKCD Circuit. Also, if he’s not on the road with his job Christopher Svec  will give a short talk and open the floor for ideas for the “Embedded Engineering 101” course he’s mentioned on the email list.
  •  The meeting room assignment request is in for June/July/August, and it was early enough that we might hopefully keep the same room. With luck we’ll get the assignments in time to announce them at the May meeting.
  • June 8th will be focused on Craig Cook’s experience with an edX embedded systems course offered by U of Texas/Austin.
  • July 13th will feature Adam Haile and Dan Ternes of Maniacal Labs providing an update about their AllPixel project along with whatever else they’d like to discuss (perhaps some discussion with their co-conspirators about lighting up windows in downtown Raleigh?)

If you’re interested in giving a (short) talk in May or a talk at another TriEmbed meeting the best starting point is the TriEmbed email list (or, if it would be more comfortable, a message to Paul MacDougal and Pete Soper). You would ideally include a short synopsis and bio and conservative estimate of the amount of time you need.

Meeting at NCSU/Engineering building THREE this Monday

This Monday the 12th at 7pm there will be the first meeting of the new year. We’re returning to a totally casual format this time, but if you have something worth sharing via video recording please send a note to the mailing list. Bring your physical and virtual show and tell items and any announcements, comments or questions that feel right.

For January and February the meetings will be in EBIII on the opposite side of the engineering campus from the parking and past meeting locations. Be sure to look at the meeting details page here to orient yourself. There will be signs on some of the doors of the other buildings but the local teleportation devices are down for software upgrades, so expect a good hike in any event.


December 8 Meeting Presentations Available

Craig Cook recorded the most recent TriEmbed meeting’s presentations about C Preprocessing with the Arduino IDE, custom tools for laser-cut acrylic enclosures, getting results from the T962/T962A reflow ovens, and a tool being developed to allow easy bicycle wheel truing.

After being crunched through Handbrake they’ve been put on Youtube. Details of these and past meeting archives are on the TriEmbed Meetings/Archives page.


(By the way: smart phones don’t appear to render the menu bar of the TriEmbed web site’s main page, turning the whole thing into a set of three parallel lines near the upper right corner of the page. Clicking on that drops the nested menus for meeting, email, project info, etc, that is more obviously available with a desktop browser).