May 11th Meeting 7PM @ NCSU

This meeting will have a handful of short presentations,  the usual show and tell, face to face networking and hands-on project help. Maps and additional details here. Planned:

  • Switch de-bouncing (Paul MacDougal)
  • Gathering ideas for an “Embedded Software Engineering 101” course (Christopher Svec)
  • Trivially solving arbitrary resistor networks with multiple voltage sources using Thévenin’s Theorem (Pete Soper)
  • <your very short presentation goes here>

(Pete and Christopher might possibly be on the road or late getting back into town, so their talks are tentative)

One thought on “May 11th Meeting 7PM @ NCSU”

  1. A big thanks to Paul for a great discussion on switch de-bouncing. I really enjoyed it and learned alot.

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