Internet of Things – Thing: Air Quality Sensor Project

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I have always enjoyed science, engineering and computers.  I am not a professional engineer and I am very open to input and suggestions as I see this primarily as a learning opportunity for me.  Please take a look at this documentation and feel free to let me know how I might improve this project.

As someone who likes to spend time outdoors, I have sometimes wondered whether the air quality – at the time and place I am – is suitable for strenuous activity.  In this regard, I am lucky as some people are sensitive to certain pollutants and need to worry about their exposure for even routine activities.  I saw in this an opportunity to pursue some “citizen science” and continue to learn about how to build sensors and embrace the internet of things.  I am documenting this project with two goals in mind: 1) to engage others to critique my approach and suggest improvements and 2) to provide all the information needed to build and extend this project.

Project Goals: 

  1. Build a sensor which can give consistent (accurate) results.  Precision will be a stretch goal as it will require calibration tools I may not be able to get access to.
  2. Sense a range of different gasses based on the module selected and compute an “Air Quality Index” for each
  3. Use a standard interface – i2c – so it can be used with different systems.  My first application will be with the SeeedStudio LinkIt ONE 
  4. Support portable operation on battery power using GPRS for data reporting.
  5. Report all data to an Internet of Things Data streaming site for reporting.

Phase I – The Sensor Board

Phase II – Physical Design 

Phase III – Cost of Materials

Phase IV- Software

Phase V – Ubidots / Web

Phase VI – Assembly / Real World Testing – coming soon

Project Links: HomeSensorDesignCostSoftwareWeb

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