DS3231 Presentation

Presentation on December 11, 2017

DS3231 is an I2C real-time clock chip.  In this presentation, Paul gives an overview of the functionality of the chip and how it can be used to awaken a sleeping Arduino periodically.

No recording was made of the presentation.


Slides are here.


The sketch links are to the Arduino sketch.  You will have to remove the trailing “_.txt” from the file name and place the file into a properly named directory so that you can read the sketch from the IDE.  I used 1.6.7 version of the IDE for these examples and the DS3231 library from Adafruit (library).  See the slide 7 comments for the one change I made to the library source.

Example 1 – read the time – sketch

Example 2 – enable square wave output – sketch

Example 3 – read the internal temperature – sketch

Example 4 – use alarm2 to wake every minute –  sketch

Example 5 – use alarm1 to wake every 42 seconds – sketch

Example 6 – set the time – sketch




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