September 11 Meeting Recap

  • Announcements
    • Sparkcon starts this weekend with “Geek Expo of Maker and Digital Arts” back at the Redhat Annex on Saturday from 11am to 5pm. And this just in. Adam and Dan will be there with this stuff:

      Maniacal Labs @ Sparkcon this Saturday: they’re back!
    • Raleigh Mini MakerFaire is September 23rd. Splatspace will have a learn to solder booth and other things to share. TriEmbed is passing this year but multiple folks will be attending with handouts.
  • Problem of the Month
    • Paul presented his “counting pushups” problem and gathered ideas submitted by the attendees
    • Details of past problem solving sessions are available via the “Problem of the Month” main menu above.  Or here.
  • Home Automation Presentation
    • What can we say? Ben stunned much of his audience, especially during the Q&A.
  • Show-and-tell
    • Paul gave an update about his power over ethernet development project and his ongoing wrestling match with 802.3AF.
    • Alex presented his “leg movement logging via accelerometer using European Data Format” project using a Teensy USB and open source tools and custom Python code. He gave everyone a great accounting of a typical development project based off open source starting points and got the final results he was after. The GitHub repository for his project is here.
    • (No notes were taken: if you contributed something please drop a line on the email list so this can be back-filled!)
  • General discussion and final questions

Archive of past meeting slides, videos, code and design files

One thought on “September 11 Meeting Recap”

  1. I’ve had the joy of teaching youth the past few years how to use technology as a tool for everyday use. Currently I am an Americorp VISTA at the Boys and Girls Clubs in Wake County running Google Code Corps clubs. They learn how to code using scratch. What was impressive was Ben’s presentation skills and ability to organize and present his work in an informative and fun way. I often go to presentations and seminars and one of my goals is to thank and congratulate the parents who take the time to support their childrens efforts in learning technology beyond gaming or entertainment. So kudos to his parents and Ben, let me know when you set up your first bitcoin farm!

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