TriEmbed is an informal Triangle, NC area group of people sharing interests in embedded computing with special focus on hobby-oriented single board computer systems such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, Ti Launchpads and their cousins. This group was formerly "trianglearduino", communicating via the googlegroup of that name and meeting at TechShop and SplatSpace. We have a new name with a permanent domain, a new email list and one new meeting place as described below.


The TriEmbed Email List Info/Subscription Page


There are two regular monthly meetings: one each at NCSU and SplatSpace.

NCSU Meeting Details

Every 2nd Monday (May 12th is next), 7-9pm.

Engineering Building II
Room 1021
NCSU Centennial Campus
890 Oval Drive
Raleigh, NC, 27606
Don't be discouraged by the fact that most outside doors are locked because of a funky NCSU policy. There is at least one that is unlocked, and that should have the meeting sign on it.
As you're facing the buildings with Oval Drive to your back, the meeting is in the right side building that is closest to Partners Way.

Map to EB II

Campus Map

The building and room is subject to change. These meetings are coordinatd by Paul MacDougal and Pete Soper. Gayathri Jegan Mohan is the principal NCSU student representative. There is specific support for beginners at each of these meetings. Bring your projects, but keep food and beverages in the lobby/snack area of the building. Under 18s need a parent or guardian.

April 19th Meeting at Raleigh Hamfest

This April 19th from 8am to 3:30pm TriEmbed will meet at RARSFest, an amateur radio hamfest held in the Graham building at the NC State Fairgrounds. It costs $10 to get into the hamfest (sorry). More information on the RARSFest Web Page. There is a Meetup Page. Scott Hall is in charge of this TriEmbed event.

SplatSpace Meeting Details

Sporadically on the third Saturday of the month, But preempted by the hamfest meeting above for April

Splatspace: Durham's Makerspace
331 West Main Street
Durham, NC

This meeting is led by Scott Hall and facilitated by other SplatSpace members. Under 18s need a parent or guardian. Follow all safety rules posted or otherwise communicated within Splat Space. The building outer doors require an electronic key, but folks will be standing by to let you in. Just call the number on the door sign (usually 919 704 4225). Parking behind the building is free on weekends. There is a Splatspace Meetup defined for this meeting.

Slides and Videos of Past Meetings

AVR Development with Atmel Studio by Jon Wolfe, October 14, 2013 : Slides

Arduino Sensors by Shane Trent, August 12, 2013: Slides -- Blog Notes

Programming ATtinys by Paul MacDougal, July 8, 2013: YouTube Video Slides PDF Slides PPT


Information and How-to Guides


AVR Fuse Calculator

Edam's Arduino Makefile

How To Solder

Raspberry Pi

Search OSH Park Shared Projects (Beta Google Gadget)

Search OSH Park Shared Projects (Pete's CGI Hack)



Anibit (LOCAL Adafruit Reseller)

Best local Radio Shack: Cary/Crossroads 919-851-0332



Newark Electronics (aka Element14)


OSH Stencils



Super Droid Robots (LOCAL)