At least one Radio Shack is upgrading itself with “Fix It Here!”


The Radioshack at Cary/Crossroads has set up a cellphone and tablet repair station in the corner of their store. It’s called “Fix It Here!”.  My eyes nearly popped out at the site of state of the art SMT rework tools right there, with a very sharp guy named Matt who knows how to use them. He’s there and ready to fix your broken glass, failed connectors, etc. The phone number is 919 851 0332.

And this particular Radioshack now has a wall full of Little Bits as well as a scrupulously maintained inventory of the other gadgets and gizmos embedded hobby enthusiasts need. I was encouraged that maybe they will adapt and pull out of their spiral.

(I have no connection to Radioshack, but I’ve been buying stuff mostly here since this store was opened. )

One thought on “At least one Radio Shack is upgrading itself with “Fix It Here!””

  1. Just found out Radio Shack filed for bankruptcy, I hope those clowns go out of business! The dummies working there could barely count their own fingers!

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