Osh Stencils/Osh Park

Better pictures of yet another batch of Osh Park PCBs reflowed with solder paste applied using Osh Stencils metal stencils.

Board with paste applied next to second board with stencil in place
Trail Counter rev 9, Solar Power Mgmt rev 2B
Trail Counter rev 9, Solar Power Mgmt rev 2B

2 thoughts on “Osh Stencils/Osh Park”

  1. The OSH Stencils web site doesn’t directly advertise solder paste, but in their “shopping cart” at checkout for a stencil they offer Kester in both lead and lead free alloys at a good price. The folks at OSH Stencils recently said they sell this frequently enough that the expiration date code is typically not more than a couple weeks short of full duration.

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