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Hi all,

I have been working on a parts inventory site for a few years now. It currently permits a single user to keep his/her inventory of parts. It is my intention to expand the code base so that it will permit multiple users to keep private inventories and allow groups of users to have an inventory for specific projects.

The application is written using the Python Django Web Framework. I build websites using this suite of tool professionally.

What I am asking this group to help with are ideas of what may be useful functionality, in other words what would you like as features if you wanted to use such an application. I’m in the gathering requirements stage of the design, so we are still a ways off from a working system.

Some of my current ideas are:

  1. Multi-user
  2. Collaboration between users and project areas
  3. Search engine
  4. Track manufactures
  5. Track distributors
  6. Parts cost
  7. Parts categories
  8. Part pick location

The specific details of the list above are not worked out as of yet. This is something that I could use some suggestion about. For example, how would different user need to interact? What are reasonable categories?

The current site only runs locally on my home computer. It has no security as of now, so I cannot put it on my public site as of yet.

I will eventually add images of what I have now to give people some ideas.



One thought on “Parts Inventory Application”

  1. Carl,
    If my personal life wasn’t in its usual state I’d be going nuts over this. Many hobby enthusiasts and folks finding themselves transitioning into/out of professional situations may be drowning in component/vendor/application details and your application could be a great solution! I hope the TriEmbed community can pursue this with you.

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