Soldering Ventilation System

Some time ago I got one of the cheapo T-962 reflow ovens. It requires good ventilation. After running it in the garage, propped in a doorway and other kludge settings I implemented an effective ventilation system.  It actually came out a bit more “enthusiastic” than I intended.

I built a high performance, 8″ axial fan into the basement’s flue vent that had been used with a wood stove. The original goal was to tie this into a simple hood over the oven.

But I got a fantastic lead to an old but still active Craigslist item with a new low price (thanks, Steven Hausman of Splatspace!). I was able to buy a ductless fume hood with a huge carbon filter, squirrel cage fan and large adjustable enclosure for $100. Apart from the side with doors, two other sides are adjustable to create a “window” to suck air away from hand-soldering operations on a work bench.

The one small detail I hit when the hood  was sitting in the back of my beater pickup was that it would not fit through any door into the basement. I had to take it completely apart:


But it’s all together now and tied into the flue/fan system and working well.


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